GIRO D'ITALIA 2007 - Tappa 6 - Biella-Santuario d'Oropa

GIRO D'ITALIA 2007 - Tappa 6 - Biella-Santuario d'Oropa


Intense Training

Individual time trial on a rather short distance, but on an uphill course from Biella to the nearby Sanctuary of OropaThe starting line is in the very heart of this wool-manufacturing town which has been nicknamed “the Manchester of Italy” on account of its highly specialized wool industry and top quality textiles.The stage itinerary is quite panoramic but should not distract the cyclists from the very tough climb that awaits them and that has become famous for being the scenery of dramatic episodes in the history of the Giro.The finish is at the “Santuario della Madonna di Oropa”, the Alps' greatest Marian sanctuary.

It is devoted to the Black Madonna and connected to the nearby “Sacro Monte” sanctuary which is made up of 19 chapels.12.6-km individual time trial: gentle climb to Biella during the first two kilometres; then the real ascent begins with gradients of 6–7% at first.

The incline then slackens until the Favaro junction and rises again to up to 13%. The crossing of Favaro takes place on relatively flat, porphyry-paved roads. After the junction with the SS 144 main road, the ascent proceeds in steps with gradients ranging from 12 to 6%. Flagstone finish.



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