GIRO D'ITALIA 2007 - Tappa 1 - Caprera-La Maddalena

GIRO D'ITALIA 2007 - Tappa 1 - Caprera-La Maddalena


Intense Training

This is a team time trial over a distance of about 25 km. It offers scenic views of the islands of Caprera and La Maddalena.
The latter is the only inhabited island of the whole archipelago of the same name.
The characteristic architecture of the port of call of Cala Gavetta dates back to the late 19th century, i. e. to the time when the Italian Navy built an outpost here still dominated by the fort of the Guardia Vecchia.
The starting line of the team time trial is in Stagnali, on the island of Caprera.

Caprera is famous for having been chosen by Giuseppe Garibaldi as his resting place: he lived there from 1856 to his dying day (2nd June 1882). Together with his last wife, Francesca Armosino, 
he planned his so-called “Casa Bianca” (White House) which has now been turned into a Garibaldi museum.
The panoramic pink granite peaks of the Teialone and Poggio Raso are accessible on small roads that cross Caprera's Nature Reserve.

After Caprera, you cross a dyke and a bridge over the so-called Passo della Moneta canal, the itinerary of this stage then follows La Maddalena's main road, the so-called “Panoramica”. This is a very undulating course that leads to the climb to Santa Trinità. A steep descent to Cala Francese and a climb on the via Barrettini with gradients of up to 10%. Then again downhill across La Maddalena's settlement until you reach the Port.


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